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Investment Clubs – New York

Posted by Editor on May 10, 2011

Jacks Real Estate Club
Contact: Jack Zimmerman
Telephone: (315) 475-0701

Western New York Real Estate Investors
Contact: Nick Sidoti
Telephone: (716) 773-2980

Ultimate Investors Real Estate Club, Inc.
Contact: Wesley Barney
Telephone: (718) 424-7583

Orange County, New York – Real Estate Club
Contact: Carrie Jean Sabins
Telephone: (845) 496-9035

National Real Estate Symposium
Contact: Pamela Minyard
Telephone: (914) 964-1177

Adirondack Real Estate Investors Network
Contact: Martha Woodbury
Telephone: (518) 798-4374

Long Island Investors Group

Contact: Barbara A. Karnes
Telephone: (800) 230-4280 Ext. 200

Mid-Hudson Valley REIA
Contact: Curt Darragh, Founder

Private Mortgage Investors of New York
Contact: Mark Levin
Telephone: (917) 589-6226

New York Millionaire REI Club
Contact: James Bayfield
Telephone: (718) 341-2327

Greater Westchester Real Estate Investors Association
Contact: Marlene Lambert
Telephone: (917) 449-2009

Real Real Estate Investors United
Contact: L. Anthony
Telephone: (718) 432-2660

Contact: Clair
Telephone: (518) 454-9652

Christian Wealth Builders Club
Contact: Dr. Cyril Richards
Telephone: (718) 452-3449

The Wooley Group
Contact: Joseph Wooley
Telephone: (716) 743-7567

REI Club Long Island
Contact: Michael Pine
Telephone: (516) 395-2401

Money Matters
Contact: Robert Bertone
Telephone: (845) 356-2369

Real Estate Investors of Rochester/Upstate NY Wealth Builders
Contact: TJ Harrington/Scott Gonyeo
Telephone: (585) 370-7245

Bronx Real Estate Investors Club (BREIC)
Contact: Chintz
Telephone: (347) 427-4940

Property Express REIC
Contact: Alexis Jackson
Telephone: (718) 303-4350

NYC Cashflow
Contact: Steven Greene
Telephone: (201) 871-0856

DSHI Real Estate Investing Club
Contact: Yajaira Villafane
Telephone: (917) 645-6230

Central New York Real Estate Investment
Contact: Ricky Grillo
Telephone: (315) 521-1990

Brooklyn New York Real Estate Investment Club
Contact: Janet Meriwether
Telephone: (917) 345-3045

Midstate Real Estate Investors Club
Contact: Ray Mannion
Telephone: (607) 432-2423

Affordable Homes Real Estate Investors Club
Contact: Sylvia Black
Telephone: (716) 602-9407

Global Executive Real Estate Investment Club
Contact: Schlondra Johns, Exec. VP / Tanasha Pettigrew,
Telephone: (201) 647-5528


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